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Potent brands say something that weak brands don't. They speak to their audience's experience.We make brands potent by infusing them with just the right dose of creativity and skill.

Brandarus started as a group of college students freelancing in their spare time and turned into a full-time business that currently employs 32 outstanding brand specialists. Here's our developmental timeline:

Our Inception

January 2014

Jeremy & Joanne found what will be later named brandarus.com. They have low expectations.

March 2014

The team has grown to 5 members and order volume has picked up considerably. They can barely keep up.


January 2015

Jeremy and Joanne drop out of school to build brandarus.com full-time. They have 10 teammates working at their agency.

September 2015

1,000 brands have trusted brandarus.com to create their logo!


December 2016

Both founders leave the company in the hands of the team and pursue non-design ventures. The team has grown to 25 members.


July 2017

10,000 brands have trusted brandarus.com with their logo design!


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